Who are we?

We are an official reseller of T.H. Seeds located in the EU. We believe that everyone should have the possibility to get to know these amazing strains and that’s why we are offering them to you. We do ship worldwide and use trusted and proven methods to make sure you will receive your orders as soon as possible in a very secure way. We offer several shipping possibilities among others insured shipping. We strongly recommend using this option, in case of loss we will replace your package with a new one. We try to differentiate ourselves with offering an excelled customer service and several promos. Our goal is to make you happy. In fact, so happy that you start recommend us to your friends. When you have any feedback please let us know. Our team looks forward to hear your experiences.

Hey, thanks for ordering and you will be amazed by the quality of T.H. Seeds. Looking forward to help you going (growing).


We have several promos available to reward you. By adding products to the card you will have the option to unlock one of the free gifts. The more you spend, the more you will get rewarded. Any questions about the promos, reach out to us.

Sess Points

We appreciate our customers a lot, that’s why we offer a rewards program where you can save for discounts. You can spend these loyalty points with your next order. Together with the promos you will receive a good deal on your seeds. Promo, discount is happy and affordable growing.

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T.H. Seeds® Original Product - Proof of authenticity

Proof of authenticity

In every package you will find proof of authenticity. With this batch you will make sure you are purchasing the original seeds from T.H. Seeds. Any questions about this? Please let us know and we are happy to explain you the ins and outs.